Life Sucks

On Saturday morning, as I was driving to work, someone side swiped my car right in front of the restaurant I work at. Even though the driver of the car admitted fault, my insurance company was doing very little in terms of being on my side and told me that it was in fact, my fault. My car is not drivable and this is the first time in my adult life that I don’t have reliable transportation and have to depend on someone else… so that sucks. I spent Saturday night alone with a bottle of wine watching Netflix, and occasionally sobbing a little. But, on Sunday morning, I came into work and I was fine, to which my manager commented that he thought I was taking this whole situation very well… besides the part where I was binge drinking wine until I fell asleep. BUT, I work really close to where I live, the accident was right in front of my workplace so I had people there for me, my manager witnessed the accident and can speak on my behalf, and my parents have tremendously helped me with insurance and they live close by and were available… So I have a lot of reasons to be taking the situation well, even though it is still a shitty situation.

However, I’ve been thinking about my manager’s statement, and besides wondering how someone else would have reacted, I realized that my life (and life in general) essentially boils down to a series of unfortunate events and I have just learned that if I stress everything for a long period of time, all I will be doing is stressing through my entire life. I don’t think my life is bad, I love my life, but no part of it is where I expected to be at this point in it, and I make stupid choices and do stupid things about 80% of the time. From my experience, if you learn to joke about the shitty things that happen, and use humor as a way to help you overcome your obstacles, you will be much happier, and nobody will ever be able to make you feel bad about your life, whether or not it was in your control. Humor is the best medicine, and it helps with not taking serious things so seriously. We only have this life, and you really do have to find a way to make the best of it. If you worry about the future, you aren’t enjoying your present moment here. This all sounds like clichéd bullshit, but it really is true. You can’t control the future anyways, and from my past experience, the things you work the most on and plan to a T, fall apart.

Life isn’t fair and a lot of people feel like it’s working against them most of the time, and I would tend to agree, but if we are admitting that life sucks, why do we get so upset when it continues to suck? Now I’m not telling everyone to make fun of themselves and their unfortunate situations just because it works for me,(but it really works really well!) but we should work on finding a coping mechanism for times that suck, and really learning to appreciate the times that don’t suck… because they are rare and you just have to embrace that shit.

Boom! Knowledge bomb!


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