Lunch Break Rant

ImageI’m going to take a second to rant about this picture to the left, not necessarily because I disagree with it, but more so because this is judging people who work at fast food places (or really anywhere that has minimum wage) solely by their English skills. I encounter CPAs, attorneys and other educated professionals on a daily basis that have horrible English skills and make close to 100K/year. If you think that’s the skill set that determines how much money you get in your pocket, there would be a very small percentage of people who would make over minimum wage. Don’t get the two confused- manual labor and English skills are two separate things and should be treated as such- you can definitely have one without the other. If you have a problem with the fact that this whole sentence makes zero sense, take it up with the school system – from public schools to higher education. Nobody emphasizes to anybody the importance of knowing how to write, how to speak, where punctuation goes, that its not “me and my friends went to the mall” and also not “here’s some pictures of my friends and I”, to only begin with the most common mistakes. My professors who have PhDs would make so many errors while speaking and writing, and nobody argues that they should be making less than $15/hour. I would like to challenge whoever posted this to take a spelling and grammar test and see how much they actually know (and apparently how much money they should be making), because I, personally, only know a few people who know how to speak well and I know a large majority of people who have jobs that pay over minimum wage. This argument is shallow and frankly, really annoys me. If you want other people to use their brains when they make your burger, you use your brain to make a better argument against minimum wage increases. 


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