Living in the “Real World”

Sometimes I’ll see posts about people going out on weekdays and then going to work the next day and I just get jealous. How come when I try to do that I go to work and feel like shit for the next three weeks? Sometimes I’ll just have a glass of wine and I’ll feel hunogver at work the next day. Belive it or not, a few times I was hunogver and I didn’t even drink the night before (I think that’s just what my office does to me). I started thinking about this cause everyone’s talking about Cinco de Mayo and if they’re doing anything and honestly, that didn’t even cross my mind… to go out on a Monday? And it’s not a special occasion like someone’s birthday? Are you crazy!? Maybe Thursday, cause then I just have to tough out three hours at work then I can go home and take a nap…like an adult! Does thinking like this mean I’m old? Is it that I took advantage of my liver and drank too much in my youth that now that I have to be responsible, my body has given up on trying to even deal with the shit I put it through? That seems pretty legit to me… Then I started thinking about other ways in which I feel old, and, even though everyone always talks about growing up and “being an adult” as something scary and a hated part of life, I actually think there’s a lot of good things too.
For example, from my personal experience, here is a compilation of good things about growing up (I’m talkin early 20s growing up):
1. Your body now knows how to wake up early and you don’t have to or want to sleep until noon on days off. You actually want to have a productive day.
2. You start thinking about what goes into your body. You want to eat healthier because maybe eating that taco bell makes your body feel like shit for a reason- you shouldn’t do it! And you embrace it! Gimmie that tofu salad!
3. Other adults start actually taking you seriously. People know how to have conversations with you instead of asking you stupid questions about some stupid bullshit you don’t want to talk about and then pretend like they’re interested; or they just don’t talk to you at all
4. You can have real, deep conversations with your parents! This is probably my favorite part- instead of talking about stupid high school shit, or having your parents listen to you and then ending the conversation, you can have an intelligent, two-way conversation about so many things. This is your time to actually be friends with your parents because you’re old enough and smart enough to make your stupid decisions all on your own. And even though they can criticize the decisions you make, you don’t have to hide little things like who you made out with last night and how many tequila shots you had in one sitting.
5. Your younger friends kind of start looking up to you. This is an amazing feeling. Even if they’re only a few years younger, you go through so many experiences in your early twenties, and people actually start to care about things you’ve done. People take your advice seriously, and you feel pretty damn smart.
6. You start to be actually proud of yourself. You went to work and you completed a project. It feels great! You had your first meeting, you got your first actual paying client, you got to wear professional clothes, you went on a company trip! People give you responsibility and you can handle it! (for the most part) And then they pay you!!
7. Remember when you were in high school and you “didn’t care what anyone thought?” Now, you actually don’t care what anyone thinks. You might be borderline psycho sometimes, you embarrass yourself, you trip, you fall, you cry in public, people might say whatever about you, and none of those things actually matter to you. Mostly because you’re too tired to put in the effort to care.
8. Buying things has become a game of tetris – in kind of a fun way. You have to match up your expenses and your paychecks so you can afford everything. I know this is hell for some people, but I have a weird enjoyment of budgeting because, again, I am given responsibility and am able to handle it! I also like calculating when I’m gonna pay my car off
9. You can go to bed early and nobody thinks you’re weird! Yes, it’s 10:30 and I’m hitting the sack I got a rough week ahead of me! (Just kidding, I just really love sleeping)
10. You can still do immature stuff like laugh at someone when they fall, and hang out with your friends without having to be all responsible (and build forts in your living room, maybe), you can still make mistakes, by accident or on purpose, and there is time to fix them. It’s not too late to be a kid, to play and to get hurt, but there’s something nice about being a little more grown up then you were last year.

At first it’s a weird feeling, but once you let “Adultness” happen, you’re like “hmm, I can get used to this”… except you can’t get used to being hungover at work every day. Face it, kid, your body does not bounce back like it used to, and it probably never will. You think it’s a coincidence every Sunday is a “lazy Sunday”…no, it’s cause you need a whole day to recover from four hours of drinking. That part of growing up sucks… but the rest of the stuff is pretty damn cool.


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One response to “Living in the “Real World”

  • MsT

    This is exactly what living in the Northern America does to a well adjusted person. It gets you to go wild for a while when you first set your food outside of the parent’s’ protective shield. Then the reality hits and the cruel adulthood takes over, haha! You start waking up before the alarm clock goes off, planning whatcha gonna wear to work the night before ( instead of fishing the cleanest dirty laundry from a pile on the floor- right before it’s time to leave for work), budget as opposed to just spend and then borrow, have intelligent conversations and plan your week out.
    Pretty awesome, I have to admit.

    All this happened to my generation that grew up in the Balkans during the “cruelty” of the socialism – basically yesterday or maybe last week- in our 40s and 50’s haha! Unless for us who moved here and starting being whipped by the righteous capitalism.

    Even nowadays some of my Ballan friends are still
    Irresponsible idiots, proudly passing on that practice and culture to their offspring.
    Something good that this country does- it gets us to wake up an smell the roses:))
    P.S. All of your generation who can’t hold that beer down well any longer, you might want to go on a mold/fungus detoxing to get rid off all the stuff you picked up in those nasty dorm rooms and college cafeterias and maintained by cheap beer and vodtks shots. Mushrooms in your guts are not your pets. Get rid of them and you’ll feel strong again.
    Good job! Excellent blog:)))

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