Check yourself before you wreck yourself

ImageI would like to start this off by saying that I haven’t posted in a while cause I keep trying to summon the energy and inspiration to write something positive, and instead, the human race makes me wonder if the movie Noah came out as a sign of what is to come in the very very near future… (Also, this entire blog is written like I’m yelling at you, the reader…listen, if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t take it personal, alright, I always talk like that)

I thought this trend was over but apparently it is only just now blooming to it’s full-blown potential and I am officially done. I’m seriously so fucking sick of seeing shit every which way I turn about “real men go hunting” and “real drivers use three pedals” and “real girls do this” and “real guys do that” and blah blah whatever the fuck else something “real” is. I’m sorry, does that mean if you’re a guy that doesn’t hunt, you’re really a hologram from another universe, and if you rear end someone driving an automatic, it’s not a real accident, it’s a pretend one? (I sure hope so cause I’ve rear ended a few people in my day and I’d kinda like those incidents off my driving record)

I don’t understand why our entire culture is going in this completely ass backwards direction. Everyone has preferences, and that is all that they are – they are preferences! I hope this isn’t the first time you heard someone say this: We are all made differently. We are wired differently, and we like different things.

These are called your personal opinions. Take notes people, cause clearly someone forgot to teach you this. If you have decided that the only criteria for you to date someone is that they kill animals in their spare time, that’s fine, but don’t try to demean people who don’t agree with you. Other than the fact that people are starting this trend where they are basing things that make people “real” on one superficial quality (like hunting, or working out, or shaking hands with your parents, or drinking a Guinness instead of a Bud Light) this is bullying to a new (very passive aggressive) level. Grow up people, have enough confidence in yourself, your choices and those you associate with to stop shitting on people who aren’t what you like, and who don’t like what you like. What the hell year are we in that people can’t find anything better to do. Discriminating based on sexuality, race and gender are wrong (and for a good reason) so instead of doing that, now we’ve decided to discriminate based on hobbies?

Are you fucking kidding me? Instead of constantly proclaiming what a “real” hobby and skill is, why don’t you just go get one instead? It might take up more of the time you spend thinking of things to bully people about. Honestly, I don’t care if they’re jokes, or if they aren’t supposed to be taken seriously, “oh don’t be so sensitive, it’s supposed to be funny” you know what, suck my fat one, if you’re saying those things, you’re an asshole. It might be something stupid, but it says a hell of a lot about your shitty character. Judging people based on what they wear, what they do in their free time how they style their hair and what kind of car they drive, and then bragging that you’re better than them…grow the fuck up.

As I get older, adults are getting more and more immature and stupid, starting petty drama that existed when I was in fucking middle school. Do we seriously not have anything better to do? Are we really that bored? Why don’t you pick up a fucking book instead, why don’t you educate yourself on what the fuck it means to be a civil human being, or do something to boost your confidence so you don’t only feel good about yourself when you’ve made someone else feel bad.

Whatever you want to do, whoever you choose as your friends, your associates and your lovers, it is fine. Everyone likes what they like, and as long as it isn’t harmful and you’re happy, it’s fine. When you feel the need to ruin someone else’s happiness for whatever reason, based on who they decide to be with, hang out with, what their hobbies are, whatever, you need to get yourself checked. There is something wrong with you, not them. People need to take more time to figure their own shit out, resolve their demons and stop making this world worse then it already is. Stop spreading negative energy just because you don’t want to be the only one that feels negative.

Work towards fixing yourselves. Not towards ruining others.


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