“hungry and cold, anything helps, god bless”

homeless1Homeless people: Let’s talk about the homeless and our perspective on their life. If you automatically assume someone is homeless because they are addicts or losers or a waste of a life, you sir and/or ma’am, need to educate your goddamn self! Before you go making assumptions, let’s take into account the following… (I’m not quoting any specific data because I’m too lazy to look that shit up but I know the info generally speaking, so listen the fuck up) This shit is a long process so I’m gonna sum it up the best I can:

More than half the time (again I don’t know the number but I do know it is more than half) the order of events is something along the lines of the following:

Average person (let’s call her Lucy) has an average job, average house, average life – isn’t married, so she lives alone. Something triggers a mental disorder (let’s call it… hmmmm… bipolar disorder). She falls into a serious depression, tries to commit suicide and ends up hospitalized where she is diagnosed and treated. They can only hospitalize her for like 3 weeks so she gets let out with enough medicine for about 2 extra weeks. Now one of two things happen after she runs out of medicine: 1. Her insurance is shitty and won’t cover the cost of the medicine (which is expensive as dick) so she can’t afford to get it refilled  OR  2) she gets better with the amount that she has and decides that she’s cured so doesn’t get a refill (now that second one is her fault but clearly the doctors at the hospital didn’t emphasize the importance of taking this medicine forever).


Either way, she stopped taking the medicine but she gets fired. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and because she has an average job she’s replaceable. If they did decide to keep her, she has more and more episodes now because of no treatment so she still lost her job. Lucy tries to find a new job but her symptoms are progressing, and with no way to pay for her house she now has to move. She has no income so can’t move alone and bla bla in the end, she ends up on the streets. Now unfortunately Lucy couldn’t for see this happening beforehand so didn’t have time to look up homeless shelters in the area before her symptoms became uncontrollable. Now she sits in front of chipotle asking for change and a bunch of suits** walk right by her without looking twice because “she’s a junkie” or a loser and “why doesn’t she get a job”.


**”Suits” in this context is a negative connotation and refers to the “corporate job and attitude” of thinking you’re better than everyone else because you wear a suit to work (which is false btw you’re beat by any girl with a tight ass and killer legs that wears a skirt to work- SHE gets whatever she wants) It is not in any way saying I do not like men in suits. Please take note if you ever wore a suit around me there is a 90% chance you could get it. I love me a nice suit(Especially if it’s a three-piece, can you say halle-motherfuckin-lujah )

SO! Therefore, I give homeless people money because:

1) I believe that as human beings we should help other humans if and when they need our help. We help animals without thinking twice and they haven’t worked a day in their life and are actually meant to survive in the wild. If you put humans lower than animals on your scale of who to help, you should go ahead and get yourself some psychological help cause that’s fucked up.

2) I don’t know their life story and therefore am nobody to judge. I have a bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear, fresh food to eat and they don’t – they’re already struggling enough, I take what I have for granted at times and that’s not right.

3) I also don’t judge them if they want to use money to buy drugs or alcohol because let’s face it, I spend a chunk of my own money on that anyways and I know damn well if that was me in their position, that’s exactly what I would be spending it on, too. I’m not giving them money thinking they’re saving up to buy an apartment, that’s unrealistic as shit, and I’m not their goddamn mother, I’m one person doing something nice for another one, I honestly don’t give a bag of fucks what you use my dollar for.

4) Yes, I work and they don’t, but to me that’s all the more reason I can afford to spare a few bucks. Also I HATE HATE HATE when I hear people say ‘I’m not just giving away my hard earned money‘ – UNLESS…unless they are actually risking their lives (coal miners, firefighters, construction workers, etc) I, personally, sit on my ass at a desk all day, and even if I had a hard day at work, it doesn’t qualify as ‘hard earned’ – I will not give credit where credit is not deserved – I honestly only know a few people who would qualify as making ‘hard earned money’ if you stand at work all day or work long hours of mundane work it doesn’t qualify, I’m sorry. Plus more than half the people who have jobs is because of luck and connections, get over yourself you didn’t earn that position.

4a) Following up on that last part, a certain percentage of the ppl who got a job because of luck are losers and/or total pieces of shit and I personally think they should give ME money because they don’t deserve it. Also, if good luck happens then so does bad luck, some people end up on the streets because they were given a hand that was shitty as hell.

5) I’m giving away a dollar or two, I think I’ll manage living the rest of my life without ever thinking “oh man I wish I had that one dollar back”…selfishness is one of the worst qualities a person can posses (in my book) and if you’re so stingy about your money you should just shove it up your ass, that way it’s always with you**

**This isn’t a broad generalization, some people are poor and honestly don’t have money, I’m not talking about broke bitches actually not having any money, I’m talking about stable members of society who have the money and refuse to help.

6) They get so fucking happy when you help them out and that makes me feel fucking amazing. I think they help me as much as I help them. Homeless people are the kindest, most genuine people, and when they say thank you it comes from the bottom of their hearts. Regular society is a bunch of fucking fake bullshit full of people who don’t appreciate anything you or anyone else does.

In conclusion, if you wanna play the blame game, the reason so much of the homeless population is homeless is due to mental illness, which continues to be a problem because of a number of variables including lack of practical treatment due to expensive ass medication and the ban on hospitalization. So if you wanna blame your health care system and government on yet another thing, be my guest.


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