America and Nudity: A love-hate relationship

Isn’t it weird how we all have nipples but we pretend like we’ve never seen them before?

Think about it, that’s what a bra does- it covers your nipples. (and also adds support and makes your boobs like 3 sizes bigger) But then, we also need to cover the device made to cover our nipples.

You wear a bra and a loose shirt that’s maybe not completely opaque, and people look at you weird – “why isn’t she wearing a tank top under that?” How many shirts do you need? If you can see someone’s bra, that’s considered socially unacceptable. So the nipples are covered, but then you need something to cover your bra and something to cover the shirt that’s covering your bra, and while you’re at it just add like 4 other layers just to be completely sure nothing is peeking. Not wearing a bra is so “risque” in America and so frowned down upon, when in other parts of the world (Europe for instance) it’s normal – actually, wearing a bra is considered…”prissy”, “too conservative” or something along those lines.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, wear 3 bras all one on top of the other, I don’t give a shit –  the part about this that doesn’t make any sense at all (to me at least, input is always always welcome with big, open arms) is that the American culture tells us that everything should be covered up, but we can’t WAIT for a time when we see something we’re not supposed to see.

-sex tapes, naked pictures (of celebrities, regular people, friends, enemies, exes, your next door neighbor, your mother in law)-

are top stories the second they are leaked! They are talked about from the moment it hits the news until we literally cannot find someone to talk to about it anymore.  And then everyone’s panties are in a bunch about how its “disgusting” (the human body); “why would people do that” (be naked), “what has our society come to” (being naked sometimes); “have you no shame” (I don’t know about you but I was born in a tux). BUT, those people who are the first to criticize and demean are also (wait for it) the first ones to watch the videos and look at the pictures! They have to be, right? How else would they know what the hell they’re talking about?

We all know what sex is (hopefully), every single person I know has nipples, guys have a penis, girls have a vagina (in a majority of cases).So I’m having a hard time understanding these conflicting views on the whole ordeal.

Celebrities are seen having sex and being naked, and are immediately criticized, scrutinized and reprimanded (yes I know all three words mean basically the same thing, leave me alone, ok) by the common man, (who clearly never have sex, ever, oh no, god forbid, not me!). Now, I completely understand why it shouldn’t be blasted all over televisions, computer screens, youtube, put on postcards, bank statements, drawn in the sand at the beach…I get the reason, I just don’t understand why our culture acts like it’s so unacceptable when all we want to do is watch porn and see half naked (or all naked) pictures of whatever celebrity, like, literally, we don’t care who, we just want to see something naked (if it’s a fit person that’s an added bonus, but seriously, whatever is available).

Why do we take so much effort to hide what we (secretly) love?! Dressing in revealing clothes is slutty and skanky, but you can’t stop looking – or talking about it, be it negative or positive. But the moment something may happen to you personally, a nip slip, you wore a short skirt and whoops, there’s your ass cheeks, you forgot a belt and your pants fell down (or you are otherwise left without pants), we have every excuse in the book for why that’s ok – or, “well whatever, shit happens, you know”…how come it’s not “shit happens” when its not you? As a society, we focus on things that are not only completely hypocritical, but are also a complete waste of brain power, energy, effort and precious time and life we will never get back.

“Everyone deserves to be appreciated (but only if they’re fully dressed)” is an awful mentality, it confuses growing children because society contradicts itself all the goddamn time

– we go against what we’re saying constantly, we make no sense, we hate things that we want because it’s “politically incorrect” and “socially unacceptable” to want them –

what is the next generation supposed to think? How are we supposed to be happy with ourselves when there are so many restrictions to being happy and “free”? When “being free” is a 12 year old girl who is wearing an uncomfortable under-wire bra when there is nothing for her to even cover? When 5 year old girls have to wear a one piece bathing suit that rides up their butt because they have ‘girl nipples’? Which, by the way, look exactly the same as ‘boy nipples’, but he doesn’t have to cover his. It’s absurd, people have become so sensitive and it teaches mixed messages to kids, adults, the elderly, everyone!! “Your body is your temple”  doesn’t work if you scrutinize one without a burka on, (figuratively!)– your body wasn’t born with clothes!… so (I think) we all need to relax…no, not walk around naked (which is actually not a bad idea, except for when its -10 degrees out), just calm down a little, and stop making such a huge deal when shit happens because…shit does happen.

Ans also, take pride in what you enjoy without feeling guilty because it goes against societal norms. And teach your children what you think are actual moral values instead of filling their heads (and yours) with pointless hypocritical garbage, so they don’t grow up being confused and developing a complex.


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