“Thick”, “Curvy” and “Fit” – What is a “Real Woman”?

There was recently an explosion of pictures, articles, etc in the media that depicts all shapes and sizes of women as beautiful.I think women are gorgeous when they are confident in how they look, regardless of what that is, so I support this movement.

WAIT! Before you continue reading, please take into account:

this article isn’t bashing anybody that looks a certain way,
it is bringing up a point about how we have begun to act towards one another as women.

It seems to me thatwhat started off as material that was promoting acceptance of however we may look, has slowly – but surely – turned into a condescending power struggle that borders on bullying. Articles in the media proclaim what a “Real Woman” looks like:

“Women with Curves are Real Women”

“Thick women are Real Women”

“Women who lift are Real Women”

It seems that we’ve gone from saying that women should be accepted for however they look, to women need to look a certain way – and that way is any way except “skinny”. Women can be overweight, can have a fat ass, thick thighs and a thin waist, can have 99% muscle and 1% fat -and that’s all considered attractive, sexy, strong and “real”. Which is fine because it probably is sexy, but, being skinny, regardless if it’s natural or dieting, is now considered ugly –

“nobody wants a flat bitch”

“why don’t you eat a cheeseburger”

“men like meat, only dogs like bone”

As a girl, you can be on one end of the spectrum where you are overweight or you can be on the other end of the spectrum where you are eligible for weigh lifting competitions, but you can’t be a skinny girl who may or may not work out or may or may not eat a lot.

So many women are on this health kick but being ‘healthy’ has lost it’s real meaning. Today it means unnaturally obsessing about how many times a day you go to the gym, being excessively strict about what and when you eat and not allowing yourself to go out and have fun because it’s ‘bad for you’. In reality, (side note) this is a borderline psychological and/or eating disorder.

Being overweight can be caused by certain health conditions or can be the side effect of a lot of drugs, there are so many variables that could cause someone to be overweight, and we, as women, and as a population, need to be supportive and loving. However, we fail to realize and be supportive and loving of women who, for one reason or another, maybe also cannot gain weight (or muscle mass), even though they want to, due to a variety of reasons (such as health conditions or side effects of certain drugs – sound familiar?)

I personally think it’s disgraceful for any woman to put down another woman or group of women based on any one aspect – in this case, just being naturally little – women who don’t need to workout or don’t want to workout and maintain a small frame. You don’t need to know anything about them, you just automatically hate them. And not in a “she’s so hot I hate her” kind of way, but in a full blown “fuck that bitch, why is she skinny, ew I’m going to ruin her life” kind of way.

Women are going against each other more and more, cutting each other down to feel better about themselves and using social media as a tool to do this. It’s disrespectful, it cowardly and it’s hypocritical – if you accept ‘all shapes and sizes’ then actually do it! “Real women” don’t look a certain way, they act a certain way! 

You know what’s sexy and attractive: not consuming your life boasting about yourself and bashing other women (especially in the form of ‘funny’ Facebook/Instagram pictures – can you say passive aggressive).
You know what’s also sexy and attractive: growing up and not being a judgmental bitch

 Bullying other people to make yourself feel better isn’t “real”,
what is is, is the definition of 


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