Why are women here so disgusting?

Why are women so disgusting? Are men disgusting like this also? I seriously don’t think so. But I also don’t know. Enlighten me. After you read this horrific experience.

If you work in an office and when you go to the bathroom you leave traces of your visit behind, for example:

–> fucking unflushed turds in the toilet
–> pee all over the goddamn place
–> all of your hair that decided to fall all over the seat

you are seriously a disgusting human being!

Ok, you feel the need to squat because it’s a public restroom and you end up tinkling a little on the seat? I get that. But if that’s the case:
1) you should practice your aim a little better, you’re an adult, you’ve had plenty of years to do this and perfect it
2)why are you not checking your surroundings after you’re done? I mean damn have some respect! Again, you’re an adult!

This is a professional business center, not a bar;  if you don’t know that it’s common courtesy to flush the gross things that come out of your body or clean the gross things that ended up where they weren’t supposed to, I feel bad for whoever hired you. OR (even worse) I feel bad for whoever is working under you. And I also feel bad for everyone using the same toilet as you, including myself.

It’s called a RESTroom because it is a place of rest, peace and harmony for my body, soul and mind – don’t make me do extra work in it please.


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Please enjoy my rants about my everyday life, they come with a twist of humor, and every once in a while a splash of enlightenment. I find myself utterly hilarious and I hope you will too! View all posts by tijanajirecek

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